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As the old goes, "Invention is born out of necessity!" That's precisely how the Top Shelf Cooler came to be.
Our journey began with nothing more than family and friends on our boat enjoying the beautiful summer days on Lake Erie. Our basic old cooler always ended up doubling as a table for food and drinks. It worked fine, but quickly became a hassle taking everything on and off the lid every time somebody wanted a cold beer from inside.
After a summer of this routine, we figured there's got to be a better way. So after a lot of thought and due diligence, we realized there was no solution to our problem on the market. Now, that better way is called Top Shelf Cooler!
It's a simple concept and a convenient solution that fulfills all your needs. You will find it an essential addition, whether you're boating, camping, tailgating, or enjoying any other outdoor activity.

Giving Back
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We are passionate in our support for individuals with disabilities! In giving to others, we want to do what we can to help the "abled" to enjoy life to their fullest extent. Therefore, for every cooler we sell, we make a contribution to support organizations working with these fine people.




Looking for a top-notch cooler for your next outdoor trip? Our coolers are 36" x 19" x 19.5", providing ample space for your drinks and snacks. Choose our coolers for the best experience!



You won't believe it, but this bad boy can hold up to 4 cases of regular size cans. No more warm drinks or running out of cold ones. Keep your guests happy and hydrated with our super spacious cooler.


The perfect size

This cooler boasts an impressive 65 quart capacity, positioning it as one of the top contenders in the market.

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